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A Popular Choice: Casement Windows

casement window installation

What are Casement Windows? Casement windows are one of the most common windows found in North American homes. They are hinged on either side of the window pane and open outwards (or less commonly inwards) using a crank. These windows can be small or large and are a popular choice for homeowners who want to…

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Spring Cleaning: Window Maintenance Tips

window maintenance spring cleaning

Though winter has held on longer then most of us would like, spring weather is just around the corner. That means open windows and a fresh breeze! But before we crack open our windows for another year, we need to make sure they’re in full working order. Here are a few tips to add to…

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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Get Bay Windows

Bay window in family room

Renovating your home is a great way to improve the curb appeal, value, and feel of your home, but it often comes at a cost. Whether you’re installing a sleek set of hardwood floors, putting a modern spin on your old kitchen, or replacing your windows, budget plays a huge role in the outcome of…

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Green Ontario Fund: What You Need to Know About Your Rebate

Energy efficient windows for home.

The GreenOn Rebate is a program that offers Ontario residents rebates when they complete energy-efficient renovations. The program is being run through a provincial agency called the Green Ontario Fund. Through this new initiative, homeowners can receive rebates for these renovations:    Up to $5,000 for new windows    Up to $5,800 to install air-source heat…

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Are All Energy Efficient Windows The Same?

Energy efficient windows in home.

Winter has arrived, and so has the need to retain as much heat in our homes as possible. Energy efficient windows have a huge impact on how warm you stay during colder months, as well as more savings on your utility bills. Here’s everything you need to know about energy efficient windows; how you can…

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Window Ratings: What Do They Mean?

Window ratings for different types of windows in home.

You might think that all windows are relatively the same, but science and engineering have proven it to be not true. Various styles and models offer you more than others do. To keep this simple the Canadian Standards Association (CSA), has created a rating system so you know exactly what you’re getting when you purchase…

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Coolest Window Designs All Over The World

Cool window design from around the world

Custom Window Designs Takes You Around the World A window’s primary purpose is functionality, but this should not be their only intention. Since the beginning of construction, windows have always been the eyes of the home. Window designs have shaped the many periods of architectural design and have become more creative in the last century….

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Top Window Designs For Your Home

unique window designs for homes

Windows are an integral piece of any home. They connect you to the outdoors, bring light into your living spaces and add an aesthetic appeal to your house. Any essential window can get the job done, but by spending some time considering which window design best suits your home’s needs and style, you can improve…

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Do You Need New Winter Windows?

The days are getting shorter, our homes are getting colder, and the dreaded “w” word is just around the corner. Yes, winter is on its way to show us its harsh, cold welcome. But there’s still time to get our homes winter ready to stay as warm as possible, while also saving some money on…

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