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Why You Should Choose Vinyl Windows

vinyl windows replacement

Is condensation forming on your windows? Are your utility bills slowly increasing? Are your window frames cracking or need to be restained? If you’re experiencing these problems, it’s time to replace your windows with new vinyl ones! Vinyl windows are more durable, energy efficient, low-maintenance – the perfect choice for any homeowner. Still not convinced?…

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A Popular Choice: Casement Windows

casement window installation

What are Casement Windows? Casement windows are one of the most common windows found in North American homes. They are hinged on either side of the window pane and open outwards (or less commonly inwards) using a crank. These windows can be small or large and are a popular choice for homeowners who want to…

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Window Ratings: What Do They Mean?

Window ratings for different types of windows in home.

You might think that all windows are relatively the same, but science and engineering have proven it to be not true. Various styles and models offer you more than others do. To keep this simple the Canadian Standards Association (CSA), has created a rating system so you know exactly what you’re getting when you purchase…

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